Good Design is Good Business:

There is more to graphic design than owning a computer and a few templates. Years of experience come into play in developing the ability to interpret visual solutions in a creative and cost effective manner.

Graphic design is an interdisciplinary, problem solving activity that combines visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business. Qualified graphic designers specialize in the structuring and organizing of visual information to aid communication and orientation.

Visual Artist Specializing in Photography and Graphic Design

Steve Speer is a visual artist who has been providing graphic design and photography services from his home base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 1990.

He is a professional member of the Graphic Designers of Canada as well as a member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators). He studied photography at the Alberta College of Art in the early 1980’s and returned there as a sessional instructor in 2008. He has published two photography books; CHINA - Guangdong Province Portfolio, and another, Building on the Bow - Landmarks of Calgary Commercial Real Estate, focusing on on the visual history of commercial real estate in Calgary. He was also, the profiled photographer in Freisens Printing’s prestigious, 2015 Engagement Calendar. Steve contributes regularly to many NGO’s including Youville, Peer Support Services for Abused Women, Eco Village of Hope Society and, currently, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan.

He views technology as a catalyst for modern image creation and strives to keep abreast of the latest technological advances in order to continually refine his creative vision.

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