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Project: HAWAII - Photography Portfolio and Exhibit


Project Specifics:

“We could see the red glow well before we actually reached the flowing lava as we made our way in complete darkness over the rough terrain. Cresting the last high point and seeing the lava field for the first time is truly unforgettable. There was a thick blanket of vapor blowing across the hot lava and this was tinted red in places from the exposed vents where the lava was flowing a few inches below the surface. Imagine a molten river flowing at 2000 degrees beneath your feet.”

My photography has taken me from Australia to China to continental Europe and across Canada, but nothing compares to the emotional roller coaster of experiencing the lava fields of Kilauea Volcano for the first time. My photography  focuses mainly on landscape and environmental portraiture. I categorize these images as landscape but to me, they also encompass something more; an emotional connection to the awesome and overwhelming power of nature. As I stood on rock that was, in some cases, only days old, I was intensely aware of the magnificence of what I was shooting and it took my breath away. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience nature at this level and it is my hope that the images in this exhibition portray the essence of this one-in-a-lifetime event. Click the thumbnails below to view the images.



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