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Project: ITALY - Photography Portfolio and Exhibit


Project Specifics:

I experience three stages of engagement when travelling. The first is anticipation; the excited which comes through research, planning and travel preparation. The second is actualization; the experience of being in a foreign place and the engagement of the 'moment'. The third is recollection; after the trip, when I arrive home I re-experience the trip through conversation and recollection. Photography enhances the 'recollection' part of the experience in a way like no other. When I am working with my photographs, I am transported back to the moment I tripped the shutter to capture the initial  image. I know of no other method of recollection which can bring back a moment with such clarity. I travelled to Italy in 2012 and, as I view the images in this portfolio, I can remember each moment in complete detail. Click the thumbnails below to view the images.


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