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Project: Songsmith

Client: Paul Rumbolt


Project Specifics:

When Paul and I first began discussing the concept for his upcoming album, Songsmith, I immediately envisioned the idea of a blacksmith in his smithy, hammering out his music with sweat and effort. The team got together on a cold, January day at the Bar U Ranch, south of Longview Alberta and spent a few hours shooting in and around the buildings at the "Bar U" historical site. Click the thumbnails below to view the project.



The air was so cold in the smithy that Paul had to hold his breath for each image. I added  the heat and smoke elements during post processing. The image was lit with one light and umbrella as well as natural light coming in through the windows and doorway. Notice the musical notes that blend with the rising smoke. To me, this is a 'good concept', well executed . . . and Paul was pleased with the final design.

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