TESUKI-WASHI ECHIZEN and the Relevance of Print

TESUKI-WASHI ECHIZEN and the Relevance of Print

Sasso Barisano, Matera, Italy 2023

Saturday, March 2, 2024 – A good day

I have recently blogged about choosing the perfect paper for my Italy Portfolio. To that end I have completed a collection of new images from Southern Italy, printed to 17 x 22” on Epson “Signature Worthy”, Cold Press, Bright White paper. I am very happy with the look and feel of the new portfolio. But, always looking to up my game, I spent the past week working with Royce Howland on a new, over sized, carbon print from my Italy series. I picked up the image today: it was a very good day! It is printed on a paper called Tesuki-Washi Echizen which is distributed by Ilford Papers and is an exclusive Japanese paper made by hand, one sheet at a time.

Viewing the newly completed Italy Portfolio

Tesuki Washi

My methods to putting ink on paper are constantly evolving. I am continually striving towards matching my paper/ink choices to suit the particular “feel” of a particular portfolio. My Italy 2023 Portfolio is no exception. I have spoken of the desire to present my images in the best manner possible and this Washi paper brings me a step closer to that goal. Let me explain. I feel that this paper elevates the image to that of an art object and I was fortunate to be able to collaborate on the introduction of this sheet to the paper lineup in Royce’s studio. This paper itself is an art object. Every single sheet is created by a human and every single sheet is original, based on the way the mulberry (40%) and hemp (60%) fibres settle out of solution onto the bamboo, paper making matt. Seeing the paper being made is a true craft to behold and the paper artisans have a hands-on role in every step in creating these one-of-a-kind sheets. The paper is only 110 gsm and of a delicate nature. For reference, most of the papers I typically print on are 300+ gsm. The fibres are visible throughout the sheet giving it a “naturalness” that I have never seen in any machine made paper. The deckle edged sheet is 33” x 23.5”. . . a great size for the images I am producing these days.

Fresh off the press; Artists Proof #1 - Sasso Barisano, Italy


Washi paper print details

Carbon Printing

Carbon printing is the de facto pinnacle of monochrome digital printing using all carbon inks of various lightness/darkness. This ink and paper combination is truly archival and images created in this manner will last hundreds of years. A master printer can pull a print with tonal values similar to the subtlety of platinum/palladium and Royce Howland is capable of this. Some might question the comparison of digital image making to this esoteric, wet chemistry technique but I would place a washi image printed with carbon inks against any image of any type.They are absolutely gorgeous and I feel this method of image/print production elevates my work to the top of its class. I consider my prints on paper to be my photographic legacy and I want to leave behind the best images possible.

I am pleased to present this series of Washi images for collection. They will be offered in a very limited “Special Edition” series of five images from the portfolio (in an edition of 15 prints of each series) with 15% off the first 3 prints of this first edition. Five images will be chosen from my Italy Collection as part of this special edition and offered up to collectors and connoisseurs of fine art. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

If you have a love for Italy, love for fine art photography or friends who love Italy please contact me to view the work in the “flesh”.

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