Artist Information


Photography is a therapeutic necessity. From my early days as a teenage photographer to the present I have had a passion for photography that has never waned . . . in fact, I am as excited now about my photographic pursuits as I have ever been.

Photography provides me with a sense of perpetual gratification. It is exciting to see a potential image on the ground glass or through the view finder of my camera and that excitement returns when I look at the first, freshly processed image. Each progressive step adds to this excitement, from the first work print to the finished fine image that is framed and hung on the wall to share with others. I prefer to print in black and white because when you strip away the “crutch of colour” only the key elements of composition and ‘quality of light’ remain. It is an exciting challenge to work within these limits to create an image which is strong enough to capture the attention of a viewer and to resonate with their sense of connection.


Black and white and colour landscapes and environmental portraiture.


Portfolios contain images created using 4 x 5 film and digital capture. Limited edition prints are produced using UltraChrome, pigmented inks on various fine art rag papers.


Studied photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design and has been self employed as a graphic designer and photographer for 25+ years. Founded The Gallery of Photographic Arts, Canada; a photo gallery in Calgary, Alberta dedicated to showing the work of prominent western Canadian photographers and to the promotion of photography as an art form. Taught graphic design and photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design.


$300 to $1600.  Open and Limited Edition prints.
Framed images are available as Limited Editions which are printed, signed and framed by the photographer in editions of 40 images across all image sizes.