Collection: NEW! Italy 2023 Collection


When I travel, photography offers me three levels of engagement with my trip. The first level is that of anticipation. Once I have decided on a location, research begins and as the potential photo opportunities start to present themselves, anticipation takes hold and my excitement increases. The second level of engagement is the actuality of being on location and actively photographing what I am seeing. My method of shooting is slow and methodical and this totally immersive shooting style allows me, not only just to look, but to really see the images in front of my camera (one of my favourite things)! The third level of engagement is working with my images once I get back home to my studio. Photography has the ability to return you in intimate detail to the moment the shutter was tripped. You remember the smells, sounds and ambiance of everything when the image was taken and I feel fortunate to have photography to augment my travel experiences in this way.