Limited Edition Prints

The framed images on this site are sold as limited edition photographs - ideal for collectors and connoisseurs of fine art. The images are hand printed by the photographer and are limited to 40 images plus 3 artist proofs across all print sizes.

They are printed on Hahnemühle, Bamboo 100% rag, fine art paper from the Hahnemühle, Digital FineArt Collection. This genuine art paper has a natural warm tone and is certified archival grade and acid free. Hahnemühle has been making papers for more than 435 years. The Digital FineArt Collection focuses on FineArt inkjet papers made from unique raw materials: bamboo, hemp and agave. The plants that provide the cellulose require minimal maintenance, grow quickly and don’t need any pesticides. Their rapid growth means that more cellulose can be produced on the same cropland than with other raw materials, and they also require much less water, helping to save valuable resources and protect the environment.

The finished prints are framed to museum standards and presented with a 4.5 inch, 8 ply window matte on all sides using 100% cotton rag board plus acid and lignin free backing and are signed and dated en-recto by the photographer at the time of printing. Each image comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which is signed, dated and stamped at the time of printing. These heirloom pieces are printed on archival rag paper using ultra-chrome inks and are tested to last more than 150 years when properly cared for. I have spent decades honing my skills as a printer both in the wet darkroom as well as in the digital workspace. These images are a reflection of my current capabilities as a custom printer and are the best photographic prints I am able to produce.